Monday, December 1, 2003

The Only Life I Know

Dear family,

I am shocked at these developments back home. Chris Carter and Carina Hymas? That's crazy. I hope they get married in the temple. Sis Hymas, Russell Luthy? What is this world coming to? I’m glad Sarah is still single. Sheesh. Just joking. Don't even think about it princess. Too much adventure in the world--no need to lock ourselves in the bonds of matrimony. (I can say that because I am on a mission.) I'm glad Thanksgiving went well. Ours wasn't bad. We ordered a family pack at KFC and had a nice meal. The elders in my house are great. I love them like brothers. Before I forget, I spoke in church and mentioned Bro. Hymas in my talk. That man helped me a whole bunch. I love him a lot. I think of him and Cy on occasion. Lights in my life, their death just made their influence shine brighter.

Jamaica is doing well. I love it here. I believe a part of me will be here and will never leave. The people here are so wonderful and so many of them need the gospel so much. Last night we toughed it out and missed dinner to achieve our weeks goal of ten first discussions. It was nice to hit the goal. The Lord really helped us meet our righteous desire. The last family was top notch. I was nervous and it frustrated me that I was nervous. Oh well. I'll work on it. We had a guy named Kevin come to church. I was happy about that. I know the Lord will bless us this month. This week Jamaica gets its first stake! Elder Gillespie will be at the zone conference on Friday. I'm a little nervous. President Turner is all business and he wants things to go right. SO if my zone falls apart...they’ll blame me and my companion. Elder Coombs is great though and we'll make things happen. I think mom, my release date is on the 21st of July. Very far away. And lets hope it stays that way. Though I do miss Brian and his friends. Good times. When I get home I'll want to play with them but they'll think I'm weird because of the way I've changed...sigh. Oh well. No sense worrying about that silliness. Mom and Dad, I want to apologize for times I may have lied to you or hid the truth about friends or what I was doing or when I got in. I wasn’t a terrible liar, but I know I could have been more truthful. I hope this is enough for repentance. And dad, man, I used to steal so many of your fruit chewies...sorry! (What I wouldn't give to sneak into your closet right now for a pack). But seriously, I feel bad about things I did to my family. I just hope you'll forgive me and that this is enough for forgiveness. Man, how embarrassing.

Anyhow, I'm twenty years old now (I'm not a child!) and feeling like a child. What a world.

Uncle Brent's house sounds great. I have a vivid memory of coming to the dinner table at a family gathering and asking dad a question...but it wasn't dad it was Uncle Brent! I was so cared and embarrassed and all the old people laughed. I also remember always wondering who said the sacrament prayer. As a child I just couldn't figure it out until one Sunday. That was a satisfying day.

We are teaching some great people. One experience--I gave a blessing to a man who has colon cancer. He was lying on his bed and looked as thin as a skeleton. In the blessing, he was counseled concerning receiving the gospel in the next life among other things. Afterwards, I asked him if he understands life after death. He said, "they say I am going to Hell." We shared Alma 40 and told him if he did go to hell (prison) he would be redeemed if he would hearken to the Lord's servants. I took his hand and we prayed. He quietly thanked us and we left him, that poor skeleton on a bed. When you have an experience like that, the worldly things suddenly don't matter anymore. That man is very near meeting his maker. Someday, I may be a skeleton on a bed. I sure want to do what's right and enjoy each day. I may never get the chance again for a long time. buy thankfully, family relationships can last. Someday I'll give Cy a hug and he’ll give me that grin and we'll catch up on old times. Perhaps when the final war rages, after the 1,000 years if peace, Cy and I will go forth in battle against the Father of Lies...however that battle is fought. As the old Rasta said, "It's not just womb to the tomb." And I'm thankful for that. Though it is just a matter of time.

Anyhow, back to the present. I love you. I'm happy. I'm trying. I'm moving forward. Jamaica is a wonderful place. Missionary work is the only life I know and I love it. The only sadness I feel is when I don't do it right.

Elder King