Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Shiny White Shirts

Dear family,

It sounds like a bunch of good times over there! I'm glad. I'm proud of my little sister and cousin and Anthony, for their success in schooling. Mostly proud of princess Sarah. Way to be! I'm sure they'll have a grand time in old England. The European people I know here are very polite, unless you knock on their door wearing a shirt, tie, and tag. They can be so politely RUDE. I can't help but love the Caribbean people more sometimes. But truly, Englanders are great! I have some of their blood, don't I? Speaking of shirt, tie, and tag, THANK YOU for the wonderful package. Those two shirts, garments, beautiful tie, and tack were needed and appreciated. What a spoiled child I am. It is so hot here. I seem to step into people houses dripping in sweat. Those shiny white shirts, with the sun shining on them, may get us in a few doors. We taught over twenty discussions, and the work is going great. The real excitement comes from the Chins, I am excited about their progress. Satan never sleeps though, and he always seems to be harassing the best we've got. No matter, he can't stop the humble human heart that is tuned to God's truth. I feel such love for the Chins, Tomas, the members, etc. I have an ache in my heart, for I know that I have but one Sunday left in Cayman, next week are transfers, and I hear I have to go...If this wasn't God's work, I'd kick and scream and demand I stay for another six weeks, and still serve in Jamaica on an extension. But I suppose that if this wasn't God's work I wouldn't stick around to do it, would I? What a stress.

Mr. Chin is moving slow, and Mrs. Chin wants to know more so baptism hasn't been set. Tomas can't get work off to come to church, so he is moving slowly too. Other than that we have a vast group that we are just following up with, to see if they want to know more.