Monday, June 14, 2004

Gardening in JamDown

Dear family,

I'm so happy. First, we played basketball today and I met a lot of new missionaries I've never met before. Most guys I know really well have gone home. But I still know and am getting to know others, especially those in the zone. I have my work cut out for me. I feel like I've reentered the war. Our zone seems kind of rocky, our car is a disgrace, our house is a mess, and there has been some apostasy in the mission and some elders got sent home. Mostly for pride. Its going to be a challenge, but I'm really excited to do a good job. The happy stuff is this, a lot of the new missionaries I met told me about my old areas and people that talked about me. In Junction, a daughter and cousin were baptized. We taught the original family. I was also pleased to hear of old investigators that are still getting worked with and new converts who are still keeping the faith. In Portmore, Keasha, the girl I baptized, is engaged to another member. Also , Bro Grant is doing great. Its wonderful to be with some old missionary friends. I love these guys and the work. My companion is super buff and has a fun personality. He is full of sincerity and I know we'll serve well together. We have a greenie in the house. Its wonderful to watch him and remember the good old days. Tomorrow is zone leader council and I am excited to get further instruction and inspiration for my calling.
It sounds like things at home are cris. I am glad Sarah is having fun in England. I'm excited to swap stories with her. Good luck Brian in the scouting thing. It will probably be really cool. Thanks mom and dad for all the support. I met Elder Summer's family. They took us out for breakfast. She seemed really nice. Kind of reminded me of mi mum. Sure do love you and glad you had a fun time in Pinecrest. Oh, by the way, how much Greek blood do I have in me? Just curious (my comp want to know).

Life is just so good. I'm trying to push myself and hope I can continue faithfully in the work. I know there are some sinful weeds in my life that need pulling and some gospel flowers that need planting. I guess that is what it is all about.
Elder King

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