Monday, June 7, 2004

Zone Leader II: A King In Kingston

Dear family,

First, before I forget, taking a class about Shakespeare sounds pretty terrible. British Lit sounds better but they both sound extremely hard. Hopefully you can go with the first plan you sent me. Anyway, I'll just chill and hope you can get my future set up. If possible, I'd like a short day (or no day) on Fridays. Also, a piano class might be cool...I don't know if they do such things...don't worry about it.

I can't believe my time in Cayman is almost up. I leave on Wednesday. It is quite a shocker, and my heart aches to leave all the friends I've made. There is so much work to be done! Mrs, Chin came to church again. They are Caymanian but I see a hint of Chinese and American in them. We couldn't see them at all last week because they had family from Houston visiting but we are seeing them tonight. Tomas has been really busy with work too--as soon as things slow down he'll get baptized for sure. With transfers coming up, hints of disobedience in the ranks, and focuses shifting, I fell kind of 'out of the mission' and hope I can get back into the swing of things. I'll have to because I got a call from President Turner. He called me to be a zone leader for the Kingston Zone. He thanked me for my service in the past and hoped I do well for him now. I told him I'd do my best. I;m excited to lead (hopefully this time I can do it right) and work with the missionaries. it will really keep me going the last part of my mission. The down side is I won't be out in the bush and that I'll still be in a car (sigh). I was getting really excited to walk again...I've gained about 13 pounds here in Cayman and it looks like I may not be able to lose it as easily as I'd hoped. Now, it will just take pure discipline (sigh). My next companion will be Elder Schumacher . He's from Arizona. I know him a little. He's pretty strong and was into body building back home so he can probably help me get in shape.

Oh yeah, Sister Robinson bore her testimony on Sunday. It was awesome. She is doing so well. The branch is going great and I'm sad to leave these good members. But I must. I am excited to go back to Jamaica and be in Kingston (the thick of it all). I hope you all have a fun trip to California and Sarah in England. Crazy.

Elder King

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