Monday, May 24, 2004

Cayman Makes You Forget!

Dear family,

You'll have to forgive the short email, but the computers have been such a hassle today. I've spent so much time trying to get this computer working. When I finally got the internet to work, I started having trouble with the LDS mail site. Please mail next weeks letters to both the LDS mail address and this hotmail address (just in case). It has been a roller coaster week. Things went well, yet poorly. One highlight was that Mrs. Chin visited church! I think she really enjoyed it. We are still working with them, Tomas, and a handful of less effective people. My companion is really gung-ho to get this area teaching 20 discussions to catch up with the rest of the mission. We stayed up a little late last night talking about motives, desire, effectiveness, etc. He really holds my admiration. He talks about giving up lunches and dinners (we already hardly ever take dinners) and going on splits to get more done, etc. He seems never satisfied. He's a work horse and sometimes I feel that he needs to love the people more and go through the motions less. Of course we talked about that and he knows that too. His heart is in the right place and I think mine is now too. I need to sacrifice more and strive to teach more people. One things I have noticed about Cayman is without much contact by the leaders to push you and follow up with you, the numbers go down. Nobody is apostate, at least not on my watch, but the mission focus is dimmer, and you just go about doing good. There is a good and bad side to it. I've been affected a little by the bad. I'm reminded of the movie HOOK, "Cayman (Neverland) makes you forget! Never forget!"

An inspirational story from my companion got my mind, and more importantly my heart, set straight. I have an increased desire to teach and we set the goal to teach  twenty discussions this week. My companion is a good guy and he and I think that with our combined methods of missionary work that maybe some good will come of it all! I think the important thing that I needed to remember is not to do what he or I think is right, but what the Lord knows is right. Elder Gillespie said it best, "we want missionaries who do it all well. We want capable, free-thinking, well-rounded missionaries who do it all. We want quality and quantity."

So to make a long story short, I'm going to sacrifice to get twenty. And I know I'm doing it for the right reason. Anyhow, I've spent my time blabbing about that! I'm happy, well fed, and tan, and I love the work. I'm having some amazing experiences. Congrats on graduation Sarah, good luck Brian. Hang in there, just another four years, ha ha. I'm glad Seth is okay. Now that everything is cool, I'll have a chuckle or two as I think of him flying over the handlebars. Mom and dad, don't pull any funny business and move! That's pretty crazy about the Lindley’s. Oh, I almost forgot. I remember as a boy you asked me if my massive tonsil in the back of my mouth ever bothered me and I said no. Well, it does now! I keep getting food stuck back there. Its pretty nasty and annoying. Anyhow, I have to go. One ingrown toe healed the other is still pretty rough.

Elder King

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