Monday, May 31, 2004

“How Do You Pick Up the Threads of An Old Life?”

Dear Mom,

I have your letter before my eyes, and to tell you quite honestly, it scares me to death. I realize when I left for Jamaica I was majoring in English. I don't know if that is still for me. The only reason I went for it in the first place is because I love literature, reading, writing, etc. I have no idea what career opportunities it presents. I'm prayerfully hopeful that I get my future started on the right track. I guess they say to do what you love, so I'll stick with English (though I don't think teaching it is for me and I think becoming a novelist is far-fetched-- what else can I do with English that I'd be happy in? Anyhow, decision made, feels right, English it is. Book of Mormon sounds good. If some of the "brethren" get in on the tennis count me in: DEFINITLY.

As for science, I am fascinated by astronomy and this planet. Labeling organs and body fluids was never my cup of tea. Better go for the physical science, though I hope it is not a wicked deception by a manipulative mother! The outdoor class sounds really nice. Thumbs up! Yea, lets wait on the math, the very thought makes me wish the second coming will be tomorrow, though I'm extremely ill-prepared. Do they teach math in the Terrestrial Kingdom?

The required English course Literature Interpretation. sounds difficult but nice. Yes on that. As for the English emphasis...(drum roll)
Literature. (Personally I think creative writing sounds nice, but I gave it a prayer and fell the Lord told me literature. I hope I'm not just being weird. Also, please explain to me what this emphasis means in the grand scheme of things. I'll continue to give it thought and prater, but as for now, I feel that literature came to my mind while I prayed. Hopefully, I'm not an idiot that thinks too much. Please explain what this choice means to my collegiate future.

There you have it: the outline of my future. Be nice!! Hopefully things don't get lost in cyberspace.

I love you mom!
Elder King

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